Creating an Account

How do I create an account?

At the top of the homepage, click the Create Account option. Fill out the form completely and click the Create My Account button towards the bottom. Once completed, you will see the window refresh to tell you that “YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CREATED”. An email confirmation will be sent to you right away for the creation.

You also have the option of not creating an account to make a purchase but that option doesn’t consist of all the benefits you have with creating an account.

What benefits do I receive when I create an account?

By creating an account with us, you can view incoming/outgoing messages associated with your account, check and track your order status, view completed orders, add/edit or remove addresses to your shipping and billing, create a wish list, and update your account details at any time. You can also view a list of items you have recently checked out on the website.

Signing In/Forgot username or password or both

How do I access my account?

At the top of the homepage, click the Sign In option. Fill out the information and you will be directed into your account. Once that is completed you can start shopping right away.

I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

At the top of the homepage, click the Sign In option. On the Sign In To Your Account page, click the “Forgot your password” link. You will be prompted to fill in the email address you provided at the time when you created the account and hit continue. The page will refresh and the following message will show.

The email you receive contains a link to where you can create a new password. Remember that the characters need to be 6 characters long and will be case sensitive. Once that has been completed, the page will automatically go back to the Sign In page and you may proceed to log back in with the new password you have created.

How do I update my account?

Once you have logged into your account, click the “YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS” option and make your changes accordingly. *Remember to leave the password and confirm password options blank if you are not changing your current password. After that is done click the “Update My Details” to save your changes.

How do I add a new address to my shipping or billing information?

Once you have logged into your account, click the “YOUR ADDRESS BOOK” option and click the “ADD NEW ADDRESS” option to the right. Fill out the form accordingly and Save Address at the bottom. You can individually edit or delete an address by clicking the pencil drawing to edit or the trashcan drawing to delete at any time.

How do I know that my information is secure?

We believe in our customers’ privacy and we are backed up by the’s Verified & Secured verify security to prevent our customer’s information from leaking out. This system secures valuable information and checks for anything suspicious or associated with fraud.

Ordering & payment

How do I place an order online?

After viewing your item(s), select the size you want and add them to your shopping cart. You can also add more items to your cart at the bottom of the page where it says “Update Cart.” Once you are set, click the “Proceed to checkout” option on the bottom. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Select which addresses from your address list you would like to use as your billing address. If the selected address is the same as the shipping address, check the box that says, “I also want to ship to this address” and click the “Bill and ship to this Address” button. If they are not the same check the other box beneath it that says, “I want to use a new billing address.”

If you have selected to use a new billing address, fill the form accordingly and you have the two options of saving it in your address book or using it as your shipping address or both.

Step 2: Select that address you would like your item(s) to be shipped to. If you would like to use a new shipping address select the option on the bottom of the address list box and fill out the form accordingly.

*This is a very important step. Please double check the address provided for the shipping and make sure there are no errors. Any errors in the shipping address can result with packages taking longer to reach its destination or becoming lost in transit. Because of this, it will affect returns/exchanges or cancellation rules for this order.

Step 3: Select the shipping method you would like and click continue.

Step 4: Review the item(s) in your cart and proceed to let us know how you would like to pay for your item(s). If you have any coupons or gift certificates that you would like to apply to your purchase, now is the time to enter the code to the bottom right of the screen.

If there are any instructions that you would like to add, you can input that information in the “ORDER INSTRUCTIONS/COMMENTS” box towards the bottom left. Be sure to check the box beneath it to receive the TouchDolls newsletter and then proceed to payment.

Step 5: Depending on the form of payment you selected in step 4, fill out the information accordingly and pay for the order.

Placing an Order by phone?

When placing an order via phone, it is pretty much the same process as if it were in online. Provide us with your name, address, and email address, credit card information, shipping and billing and an email notification regarding your purchase.

Placing an Order online?

When placing your order, please make sure that you use the billing address and contact information as it appears on your credit statement. In the event that your information does not match exactly what your credit card has on file, your order may be held pending verification. This may require us to contact your directly. When specifying shipping address information, be sure to check that the zip code, city and state are correct.

How do I add items to my wish list?

When viewing an item(s), there is an “Add to wish list” option to the right of the “add to cart” option. Once you have clicked the option you will be redirected to your wish list so that whenever you are ready to purchase your item(s), it will be there for you. Note that you will also have the option of removing the item(s) at any time.

Verification & Shipping

Can I use a gift card or a store credit with my online purchase?

Absolutely. If you have a store credit and would like to use it towards your purchase, enter the code during checkout to the bottom right of the screen. Please note sale codes and online store credit codes can not be combined. In order to combined them you will have to email your store credit code along with your order request to Once emailed all request will be answered in 24 business hours.


Email address

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